Ladies Tartan Ruana

In the tradition of the Scottish
woman's Arisaid of earlier times..

Our tartan RUANA measures 70" X 56". An elegant garment in every sense of the word with its flowing lines and hand plaited 3" fringe, the Ruana affords both warmth and practicality. The wrap is made of 100% fine worsted wool of a lighter weight than kilt cloth.  Shown here in the Maple Leaf tartan, the Ruana is available in several tartans with the option of a hand embroidered design on the back.

Shown here in the Maple Leaf tartan

A versatile garment, the RUANA can be worn several ways:

- like a cloak for maximum coverage 



- draped over one or both shoulders and secured with a brooch. 

- belted at half length to create a skirt with the rest of the fabric brought up the back, over the shoulders and secured at the breast with a brooch.

The Ruana is Available in the Following Tartans

Black Watch

Gordon Modern

Cameron Modern

Stewart Royal

Fraser Red

Gordon Dress

Black & White Menzies

Stewart Royal Dress

MacKenzie Modern

Kennedy Modern

Macdonald Modern

Stewart Royal Hunting

MacKenzie Dress

Campbell Modern

Macdonald Dress

MacFarlane Red

Maple Leaf

Celtic Pride

Provincial Tartans

MacLachlan Red

Handmade Ruanas
70" X 56" with 3" hand plaited fringe - $225.00 *

"70" X 56" - with 3" hand plaited fringe and embroidery - $ 265.00 *

*Plus Shipping charges

Please email for total pricing of garment.

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