Custom Kilts

A well made kilt should last a life time and keeping that in mind, our kilts are made from the finest 100% wool tartan available.   We work with the foremost weaving companies in Scotland and Canada to bring you a large selection of authentic tartans. 

Once we've decided together which tartan is 'yours' and which weight of cloth works for you, we'll look at the different colours your tartan is available in - ancient, dress, modern or hunting and then, YOU choose how you'd like your kilt to be pleated i.e. showing the pattern of the kilt all around the kilt is "pleating to the SETT". "Pleating to the STRIPE" ( shown below) means that a dominant stripe in the pattern is centered in each pleat so the kilt is different  in the back from the front.

With proper measuring, we guarantee that your custom kilt will fit you 'like a glove'. We require waist, hip and length measurements and though I prefer to take these myself, this is not always possible. Proper measurement taking is really important, but anyone can do it. We'll send you step-by-step instructions on how to take these 3 simple measurements - all you need is a cloth measuring tape!.

We don't skimp on fabric and we'll use as much fabric as needed to create the deep pleats in the traditional kilts.  The first and last pleats are made extra deep - we can use this fabric should the kilt need to be made larger.

Our vegetable dye leather kilt straps are cut and sewn on by hand.  Our leather is produced in the ancient way of immersing a hide in a bath of oak bark and water.  The process takes several days.  The result is a gorgeous deep, black, low sheen leather that works with any tartan.

We love to see our clients all dressed up!  The client below is wearing the MacLaughlin Modern tartan, pleated to the stripe. 


 If you are ready to wear the kilt.....

Our custom kilts are priced according to measurements, tartan and style. Please see our price list  for a general range of prices.  Please contact us, it will be our pleasure to discuss this exciting purchase with you in all its details.

   Dear Joyce, 
Upon attending our piping event on Valentine's Day, we skipped to Wal-mart at 9:20 am to capture the moment of wearing our beautiful new kilts for the very first time with a portrait. Just wanted to share this special moment with you. Thank you again for a job well done!! We will look for you at Fergus. 

 ~ William and Evelyne Dollar ~

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